Copper head snakes are one of the most feared snakes in the United States, copperheads can also be one of the more difficult snakes in which wildlife removal operators are called to remove or control. These snakes can be very dangerous! Some of the places we service for copperhead removal is Fairfax Snake Removal, Alexandria Snake Removal, Annapolis Snake Removal

Copperhead Removal and Control

Copperheads can be one of the most common calls that many wildlife removal operators receive in the spring and summer of the year. This is a time of year when the copperhead snakes are actively seeking food and are often seen around pools, hot tubs, water spouts, and other moist areas around the home. The copperhead snake is trying to find both food and a heat source in the spring of the year, the most common call we get is copperheads in the house The snakes are here because they are seeking their most common food source the frog. As is the problem with most snakes, controlling the food source in which they eat can be a key to solving the snake problem altogether you have to look at the food chain. The frogs are they are eating insects, the snakes are there eating the frogs, the key to getting rid of the copperheads around the home is getting rid of the insects in which the frogs are eating. This sometimes includes but is not limited to a quality pest control program and and around your home in order to eliminate the frogs primary food source. you can find a professional pest snake control company in your area here There are some other things that can be done to eliminate copperheads and the possibility of having copperheads in and around your home. However with copperheads being a venomous snake a professional animal control company should be sought after to handle this very unique problem. You can find a animal control company in your local area by clicking on the locate a Pro link at the top of this page. Good luck with your copperhead problem, these problems do not typically go away overnight and some time will have to be invested curing this problem altogether. One of the main food source for a copperhead snake is a frog or a salamander. These aquatic creatures can be eliminated by having a really good insect program.

Copperhead Information

Copperheads are one of the keys snakes that have a live birth the young snakes are born in the fall the year usually from August through October. The average litter that a copperhead has is between 3 to 9 baby snakes. The largest litter of copperhead baby snakes ever recorded is 22. This occurred in Fairfax Virginia. A very notable characteristic that young copperheads have is a yellow tip on its tail. This is put there in nature so the copperhead can attract its own food source from a very young age. The yellow tip. Are in stealth is very desirable to Hansen crickets and other insects in which the baby copperhead feeds upon.
This makes the food source actually come to the snake as opposed to the copperhead having to hunt the food source. After a couple years the yellowish tip on the copperhead’s tail begins to diminish and the color of the snake changes to a copper color as is the rest of the body. Copperheads have been known to live in the wild over 20 years.
The copperhead’s diet is primarily frogs and lizards along with mice and rats. Copperheads are opportunistic feeders meeting they will eat what is available in the area at the present time but they do prefer reptiles and amphibians. Adult copperheads do not reach sexual maturity until the age of four and that's when the female copperhead begins to seek out a mate. The snakes will make after they have emerged from their winter dens sites in March or April. It is a fact that the female copperhead will only make with one male per year.
The gestation period for a copperhead snake is approximately 3 months. If there is inclement weather in the area the female copperhead can hold the birth of her copperhead babies until the conditions are suitable, therefore the gestation can be over four months if necessary. we also have a venomous snake bite page which can be nelpful incase of a snake bite.

We also will list the states in which the copperhead snake can be found, these states are Florida, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland and several other states along the eastern sea board, they usually stop apprearing in New Jersey and will be found as far south as Orlando, FL

Some Emails we have received about copperheads and their Control

'John grom Fairfax, VA wrote: We are having a bad time with copperheads and not little ones,lol is there anything we can do to deture them from being around or house, we have a cattle farm, with horses and dogs, we have 4 children the youngest is 4 and i am scared someone is going to hurt really bad they are laying infront of our basement door, every night on the cement, do you have any suggestions, and I have also run across them as I am weeding my rose garden. We have removed 10 so far just in the past month!! thank yoou for any suggestions... we have contacted John to assist him with his problem. I believe we have a copperhead snake in the house. We had a mice problem for a few weeks until I put out Decon, but i haven't heard or seen any lately. Although, at the time we did have them I found what lookrd to be snake scat on the floor in the basement living room. I also heard what sounded like a snake attacking a mouse in the ceiling eith the mouses feet running in place scrapping against the ceiling real fast and then getting slower and slower until it was apparently dead. I thought we had a black snake in the house until I was walking down the downstairs hall by the furnace closet and smelled a real sweel melon type smell and wondered what it could be. Then I got to checking and found that Copperheads emit a real sweet cucumber scent with their musk when they are agitated. What can I do to check and elliminate such a threat? I think I have copperheads in my attic, Can you provide me with any information? We have so many emails about copperheads in the house, we have made a special page dealing with snakes in the attic. We have also been featured on WTOP radio as being copperhead removal experts in the DC area

We also find these snakes under peoples homes and buildings in all areas of their range in the United States.

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