Animal Track Identification

Animal track identification can go a long way towards helping a homeowner assist in figuring what kind of animal he or she may be having a nuisance wildlife problem with, Animals come in all shapes, colors and sizes and every one of them make a different type of track. In the following pages we will go through and each animal and what their tracks will look like. We will give you photo illustrations and also show you a photo of the animals in which make the tracks. There are many opportunities to see animals tracks, you may see animal tracks in the snow, in the mud, or even around your home, it is very common to see animal tracks on decks and roofs and often times these animal tracks will help a wildlife removal expert determine what type of animal is causing a problem. Remember this site is always growing so if you do not see the type of animal track you are searcing for, please email us a photo of the track and we will ID it for you, then place the photo on our website with the correct identification for everyone else to possibly use in the future.

Some of the animals that make tracks

All animals make tracks, some are bigger than the others, some look funny and some are very hard to see, there are a lot of things that you can determine by looking at a animal track, if the track is in the mud, you can determine how big the animal is, about how much the animals weighs and which way the animal is traveling., you can also tell if the animal is by itself or alone. If the animal has several tracks along with it, it could possibly be a mother with babies. Click on the animal tracks highlighted bellow to see their tracks and their photo.

Problem with Nuisance Wildlife

In this section we will provide the name of the animal with a link going to a page where the animal can be viewed along with the type of tracks they make, these pages will change as time goes by and we add more animals, we hope this becomes a nice library of animal tracks.

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