Chipmunk control

The need for chipmunk control is very common in many mid-Atlantic states, Chipmunks can do a varying degrees of damage to homes and structures from their constant borrowing and underground activities in this page we will discuss the types of damage chipmunks new ways to control chipmunks in the types of traps used to control Chipmunks

Types of damage Chipmunks do

The most common types of damage that chipmunks new in and around residents and businesses is calls from their constant under ground burrowing activities, chipmunks are also a member of the road and family therefore their front two teeth are always in a continuous state of growth therefore there need to chew is always there. Chipmunks have been known to chew wires cabling support trusses and other structural items found in a near homes and buildings. Chipmunks is a animal that you do not want living in or near your home The damage that chipmunks do to homes total well into the millions of dollars annually.

Ways to control Chipmunks

There are several different ways that a homeowner can control chipmunks in and around the residence The first way is to attempt to control the habitat in which the chipmunks have access to chipmunks are a borrowing creature meaning they dig in and around structure, You can solve this problem by installing as much concrete in and around your home as possible this makes it impossible for the chipmunks borrow. The second method is to trap the Chipmunks, Chipmunks can be very difficult to trap because they are often found in large family groups and their numbers are often very great. Often times as many as 10 to 15 chipmunks can be caught in a family group as you can guess sometimes this could be very time-consuming. If you do not have the time to dedicate to trapping the chipmunks and checking the traps on an everyday basis this task should be performed by professional wildlife control company. You can find a list of suggested wildlife control companies here.

Types of traps used for Chipmunks

There are several types of traps used to remove and control chipmunks in around homes and buildings the first type is a small rodent trap that is very similar to a rat board. The second type of trap is also a rodent trap that is made by safeguard it is a 5" x 5" box type trap that is used to catch the chipmunks in order for them to be released in another area. You can find more info on ways to trap chipmunks here.
You should always check your local laws before using this type of trap the calls often relocating an animal to another person's property is illegal. If you have a problem with chipmunks or any other type of rodent and feel that you cannot safely remove the animal yourself always call professional if you are in an area that we do not have a professional listed on our website please select the contact us button above and we will do our very best to find a professional company to assist you in your problem

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