Turtle Control

Turtle control is often needed when homeowners have a conflict with a certain type of turtle whether it be a snapping turtle a mud turtle or a gopher turtles.  Turtle become a nuisance because they eat fish and other aquatic specimens from peoples ponds and waterways. A favorite food of any turtle wouldn't be the Koy fish that people love to keep in ponds. These fish grow two very large sizes and are often easy prey for a turtle Laying in wait at the bottom of a pond.

I will try to make this page is general as possible, as I only have experience with snapping turtles in the mid atlantic region of the United states. 

The following types of turtles are found in the US and can become a problem: Striped Mud Turtle, Mississippi Mud Turtle, Eastern Mud Turtle, Yellow Mud Turtle and the Big Bend Mud turtle, Painted Turtles, Snapping Turtle, Alligator Sanpping Turtle and several types of Gopher Turtles.


How do I control turtles from my pond?

The most effective way to keep turtles from your pond is providing some type of cover for the pond. This includes but not limited to different types of netting and a high barrier wall that permits the turtle from crawling over.this is just two ways to keep turtles from ever entering your pond once they enter the pond it becomes very difficult to keep them controled.


Turtles are in my pond.

Once a turtle has entered the pond area it becomes very difficult to capture these underwater specimens. They will lay on the bottom of the pond. For several hours and wait for praise such as fish and frogs. There are two options when trying to control  a turtle population, you can either physically get in the pond and remove the turtle or you can attempt to trap the turtle in commercially made turtle traps. This can often be difficult as a turtle will often have a multitude of food sources in the pond and doesn't need to go into a trap to eat.

if you are having trouble with turtles and would like a professional wildlife control company to assist you to remove the turtles please click on our locate a pro section to find the nearest turtle control expert in your area.



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