Deer control

Deer do damage in many different ways, deer will damage gardens and shrubs that homeowners plant around their home in a attempt to beautify their surroundings. In this attempt we ultimately make the surrounds a more inviting place for the deer in the area. Because most of the plants that you are planting are very tasty to the deer. Hosta plants are one of the most common plants in the mid-atlantic section of the country, however they are one of the deers most favorite plants to eat. Deer love it when you plant these types of plants because it provides much tasty vegetation for them to thrive on in their urban surroundings. There are many ways that you as a homeowner can prevent deer from doing damage to your shrubs, bushes and flowers I will attempt to list some of these control methods in the paragraph below and also provide a brief description of how they work.

Deer Repellents

There are many types of repellents available that are used to help deter deer pressure from your property. Some of these repellents or over-the-counter repellents that can often be found in big-box stores in the pest control isle,Other types of Repellants are old wives tale's that have been used as deer repellents for centuries. One of the most common type of old wives tale  is human hair in bags hung up around a property, this is actually a very reliable method for the first several days in which the hair is hung around the property simply because of the smell. Once the smell of human wears off of the hair the effectiveness of this method decreases dramatically. Another old wives tale is to hang bars of cut soap into bags around the property ,this is a less than effective method to control deer around your property There are many different types of repellents that work off of taste which usually come in the form of the spray, once the spray has been sprayed on to the plant the residual taste is the deterrent for the deer not to eat the plant. There are many types of these deterrent out on the market one is called deer-off another one is deer-away. These types of repellents work in the very same way and are both somewhat effective.

When to fence or not to fence?

Fencing is often a viable method of controlling deer damage from your yard or garden, deer have a vertical jump of over 7 feet so a standard four foot chain-link fence will be totally ineffective in keeping deer from a specific area. A 8 foot chain-link fence is often needed to achieve the desired results of keeping a deer from a specific area,this fencing is very expensive and is often not a cost-effective measure. Other types of fencing that can be somewhat successful limiting deer intrusion into a specific area is a electric fence however this is very labor-intensive as the electric fence has to be checked daily and maintained in a very aggressive way in order for it to be effective. Once a deer has determined they can jump the short electric fence it effectiveness is dramatically reduced. We have several more articles on deer in their control listed on this page we also have articles on dead deer removal and other types of deer control situations. We have many other pages that we will write over the winter on deer, these pages will be more geared towards solving deer problems from eating your plants and other vegetation.

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