Muscovy Duck removal is a very common call that Nuisance wildlife removal companies in the Southern part of the united states receives through the entire year. Muscovy ducks are found in the extreme southern states such as Florida and Texas and can be found anywhere between Mexico and Canada. They are very adaptable animals and can survive in almost any situation, however these birds thrive when they are in a area where people feed them!
People assume that a Muscovy duck is a tropical bird, but they are known to thrive in areas of the Northern part of the United States, Males ducks tend to me about twice as large as the females and their color pattern is usually black and white. However many different color patterns do exist since this type of duck is so interbred with out types of ducks, such as Mallards and Wood ducks.
Males and females will have pink or red wattle around their bill, however the males will be larger and have a brighter color.

Muscovy Duck Pairs

Muscovy duck pairs are not mated for life like many ducks and geese, these ducks will mate in a local water ways, these ducks can breed up to 3 times per year.
When a female Muscovy duck lays a clutch of eggs, they will lay 10-16 eggs, with a hatch rate of 80% the average number of baby ducks that will survive will be 9, So we will do the math on a pair of Muscovy Ducks, mate 3 times a year, 9 baby ducks average, that's 27 Muscovy ducks in a year that came from this one pair. Your first thoughts are, that's not a lot right? Well..Now figure those 27 ducks reach sexual maturity at the age of 6 months, Now you can see that this is becoming a problem, Now from that 27 ducks you have 243 ducks!! all within a year!
These ducks will become a nuisance when they are loafing in and around ponds that happen to be in either Home type sub-Divisions or Commercial properties that have water retention ponds.
These ducks will learn the art of "bumming" food from people and will become very aggressive with each other to "get to the food first"!

How do I get rid of these Muscovy Ducks?

Muscovy Ducks can be a very hard creature to rid your home or commercial property of, these animals are very orientated to their surrounds and will often avoid capture by simply swimming to the center of the waterway. This is one way they escape predators in nature.
Often times are more aggressive form of capture is required to get these animals under control, some of the possible way that one could do this is netting. Shooting is another common type of Muscovy duck control, but this is something that should be checked, some local laws may prohibit this.
another option is oil the eggs when they are laid by the female, this will not allow the egg to develop. If this method is used, it will be a very labor intensive project, as the female will continue to lay eggs until she has a hatch.
She will also become very aggressive, protecting her nest. So it is possible that she could harm you. We recommend that you contact a professional wildlife removal company to handle this problem. Use the link below to find one in your area.

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