Identify Tracks made by Skunks

Raccoon Travk IdRaccoon tracks are one the most easily identifiable tracks of any animal in he united states. Their track is very similar to a human hand. The track of a raccoon has the same amount of digest as a human hand and is shaped the exact same way. A raccoon track has 4 fingers and a thumb just like us. Raccoons use their hands in much the same way as we do. They have the ability to pick up things and grip.

The size of a raccoon track will vary with the size of the animal. A extremely large track will be about the same size as a fifty cent piece. A normal size raccoon track will typically be about the size of a quarter. A lot of times you will see several tracks together, this will indicate that a mother raccoon has babies traveling along with her. This is fairly common as raccoon will keep their babies with them for about he first 6 months of their life. The raccoon tracks will not be in a straight line, they will be staggered when you are looking at them in a row.

A typical size raccoon will weigh around 18-22 pounds, however I have seen raccoons grow as large as 35 pounds and have had reports of several that reached the 40 pound mark. One thing I should mention is that raccoons are one of the most aggressive animals most wildlife removal companies deal with, with their potential large size and their ability to use the hands the way they do, they can be very dangerous. Always keep your distance from these animals as they are known to carry several diseases one of them being Rabies.

Where will I see raccoon tracks?

You will most likely see raccoon tracks around water, one of the major food sources for a raccoon is fish and several other aquatic species, so the likely hood of seeing raccoon tracks around water is really high. One other place you will often times see a raccoon track is on a deck. Raccoons are very curious creatures and often times they will get onto your deck or back porch and peek thru the glass doors. This is very normal behavior and you should not be alarmed.

We have professionals that will trap raccoons for you, should they become a problem. You can locate more information on raccoons and some of the predicaments that they put theirselves in here. Some of the popular pages we have on raccoons are: How to trap raccoons, raccoons in attics, baby raccoon removal and raccoons in the chimney. These are some quick links should you have a nuisance problem with raccoons.

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