Copperhead Snake in the House

Copperhead snakes in the house are a very common problem that we will receive calls for all year round! Copperhead snakes are one of the most feared snakes in the United States and are also one of the most abundant venomous snakes in the country. Copperheads are one snake that most of us feared as children, that and a rattle snake.
One of the most common calls we get is for copperhead snakes in the house. Copperheads will often find themselves in people’s homes and buildings that are infested with either rats or some other type of rodent that copperhead snakes will eat. It is very common to have copperheads in a house in the summer, when it is really hot outside, copperheads will seek shade of homes and buildings in order to escape the hot summer sun. Copperheads will often hide under these structures until the sun starts to set. That’s when they become active. Copperhead snakes will be most active in the summer months in the early evening hours. This is when they hunt for their food, which is most often rodents or other reptiles.

Why is a copperhead in my House?

Copperheads will be found in people’s homes for several reasons, as stated above the snakes will often seek shelter when the sun is high in the sky or they may be in the structure seeking food, which is most often either rodents or smaller reptiles such as salamanders and frogs, These are the copperheads most common food source.

Some common questions we get asked about Copperheads in houses

Bellow is some common questions we get, reguarding copperheads and their removal and control from around peoples homes and buildings. These are the most common questions that we get asked on a dailey bases. we are putting these here in hopes of these answers helping you with your copperhead control problem. you can also visit our Venomous snake bite page that helps deal with problems realting to snake bites after they happen.

What Do Copperhead babies look like?

Copperhead babies are very similar to the pattern that the adult snakes will have, the only difference in the look of the two snakes is the baby snakes will have a bright green or yellow tips on its tail, these colored tips on their tails are used to lure prey such as small frogs and insects, this will be the primary food source for the baby copperhead snake.

What areas do I have to worry about copperheads in my house

Copperheads are found in most every southeastern state including Florida, Some experts will say that copperheads do not exist in Florida, but we have found many copperhead snakes in the state in and around people’s homes. The further south you go on Rt. 95 the less likely you are to encounter copperheads. They seem to not be found past Port Orange, Florida. They will be found as far as Fairfax, VA and as far west as Dallas Texas, and all areas in between.

How Dangerous is copperheads around my house?

It is a fact that more people are bitten by copperheads in the southeastern United States than any other type of Venomous snake. These bites can be extremely painful and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible. The copperhead’s venom is a type of venom that destroys red blood cells and other tissues. Therefore a reversal agent should be administered by a medical professional as soon as possible.

I have a copperhead in my house, what do I do?

We suggest that you contact a animal removal professional to handle this problem. As stated above these animals are venomous and will bite you very quickly. Therefore we suggest that a professional snake removal company be contacted to remove the snake with specialized equipment designed to handle copperhead snakes. You can find a snake removal professional here.

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