The Burmese Python is one of the 6 largest snakes in the world, reaching from 12 to 23 feet long and weighing up to 200 pounds. Although these snakes are usually afraid of people due to their high stature, special handling is still needed for capturing them. A 16.5 ft Burmese Python is certainly capable of overpowering and killing a full grown man. Therefore special equipment is necessary to removing control these extra-large animals. What we find is that pythons need a permanent source of water, so they are often found near swimming pools or wet, moist areas of your yard. They can also be found in trees or water pipes that they can fit inside of, many times when dealing with a Burmese python removal issue animal removal agents often have to deal with other types of hazardous material as the snake is often found in toilets. This is really strange and kind of disgusting. But that is where they are found.

Often times these snakes are found around human populations due to mice, rabbits, and other types of pests. The key to getting rid of the Burmese Python or potentially solving a Burmese Python issue, is to eliminate all food sources the snake is consuming, This process usually involves having your home or structure inspected, and a quality pest control program put in place to solve the food source issue. These snakes are usually required to have more than one person handling them in the capturing process due to their amazing strength and size.


Burmese Pythons snakes are light colored snakes with many brown blotches on their body. The Burmese Python is the largest species of the Indian Python and one of the 6 largest snakes in the world. The Burmese Python can reach up to 3.7 meters which is12 ft long, WOW!!! That’s Big! But some may reach up to 5.8 meters or close to 20 feet. Another thing we have learned is that python’s are an excellent swimmer and always needs to be around water and any kind of wet, moist area. Most are found in swamps, grasslands, river valleys, woodlands, and jungles with open clearings. These types’ of pythons are also really good climbers and have very strong tails allowing them to hang from trees while hunting for food. Most Burmese Pythons have nocturnal behavior and only hunt at night. This makes the removal and control of this snake really difficult.

The majority of Burmese Pythons found in the United States are found in Florida. They are not found in many other states due to the weather conditions, the python warm weather and cannot live in cold climates. Therefore they are seldom found living in the wild anywhere North of Florida.
These pythons breed in early spring, specifically in March or April and can lay 12 to 36 eggs. The young are born in the late summer and are ready to live in their own at birth.

Like most snakes, the Burmese Python is carnivorous. Their diets consist of birds and mammals that they can fit into their mouths. This python is often found near human population due to the presence of mice, rats, rabbits and other vermin as food. The larger pythons require larger food items such as pigs, goats and cows. They have also been known to attack and eat many alligators in Florida, where they are invasive.

Over 1300 Burmese Pythons have been captured in Florida since 2006. The majority of Burmese Pythons captured were possibly zoo escapees from Hurricane Andrew and from breeders and pet owners who rid of the snakes because of size. Once they become so large, normal people with normal equirpment can not deal with them. Always have a professional snake removal agent take care of any python problem you may have, you can click on the state that best represents your location on the left-hand side of this page and then click on the city that you are closest to the find a certified snake removal professional to handle any kind of Burmese python issues you may have.

Where do you offer Burmese Python Removal?

Burmese Pythons are usually limited to the areas that are hot and tropical such as south Florida, These areas include many populated areas such as Miami, West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Homestead and The Keys areas of the state. The snake is creeping northward as its population expands, however the colder climates of North Florida will probally halt its progress. You should never attemt to handle one of these very large snakes. always contact a professional snake removal company in your area to handle this problem.

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