Black Racer Snake Removal and Control is a very common call that most animal removal operators in the south receive all year long! Black Racers are very fast snakes. They usually require more than one person in the capturing process. They are non-venomous, but very easy to intimidate. Most of these snakes will bolt off when confronted by a human or any kind of predator, but you do not want to take chances and get bit by the one that decided to stand up to you. The photo above is of a black rat snake which look very similar to a black racer.

These snakes are very fond of trash, so the best way to keep these snakes away is to make sure your trash is always locked up nice and tight. As we all know, raccoons love to get into trash and look for food. After they are done searching for food they leave quite a mess with your trash, so that is what attracts the snakes.

If you continue to find these snakes in your trash cans be sure to call a local pest control team to come out and remove the snake, or to take care of the raccoon problem. These snakes also like water so be sure to keep your yard as dry as humanly possible.

If you spot any holes in your yard, you probably have an unwelcome guest named Black Racer. Be sure to fill these holes as soon as humanly possible. Filling these holes require the snake to move on to other places to live, especially if they are down inside of the hole, which is where they spend 70% of their time.


The Black Racer snake also known as the Coluber Constrictor is a non-venomous species that range from Canada, East North America, and Mexico. There are currently 11 species of the Coluber Constrictor, but we will stay focused on the Black Racer. The black racer can grow anywhere from 4 to 6 feet long. They all have light underbellies, black or green skin, orange tails and yellow noses.

Black Racer Snake Removal and Control can be a very challenging task, the Black Racer snakes are often confused with rattlesnakes, because when they feel threatened they rattle their tails against dry leaves, sounding very similar to a rattlesnake. The black racer is one of the fastest moving snakes in the world. Their diet consists of small rodents, frogs, toads, lizards and other snakes. They have also been known to use their amazing climbing skills to consume bird eggs in trees. This is one reason why the are often found in and near peoples homes. The black racers are after the food soure that lives there!

These snakes are not big fighters, but they will defend themselves if they feel they are in danger. The racer part of its name comes from the fact that they often flee from confrontation from humans or any predator that it is not capable of overpowering.

The Black Racer spends 70% of its time underground in holes, but can be found near lakes or any place by water, swamps, trash piles and residential areas in Florida and many other parts of the south such as Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and other warmer climates in the U.S. which probably explains why you are reading this information. By the way, A black Racer can and will bite, this is a situation where a professional animal removal and snake control agent should be hired.

These snakes breed in spring, specifically April until early June. They can lay anywhere from 5 to 30 eggs. The rather odd thing about these snakes is that they prefer to lay their eggs around other snakes even if they are not among the same species. Talk about odd huh? kind of strange since some snakes will often eat other snake eggs for food!
The juvenile snakes consume small insects, but once they are fully developed they can start to consumer bigger things. To find more snake removal information go here! We are a wildlife removal listing company that list the very best animal removal operators in any particular area. You can start your search for a Wildlife removal and control operator here.

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