Rainbow Snake Control and Removal (Farancia erytrogramma)

Rainbow snakes removal and control can be a simple task, however some people are afraid of snakes and their presence. If you are one of the folks that are afraid of a snake, Please call a professional snake control company listed off of the link provided bellow.
Rainbow Snakes are large, strong snakes with red and black stripes and smooth scales, and yellow on their head and sides; young snakes have the same patterning as adults but lack yellow coloration. Immediately after shedding, this snake is almost iridescent. Adult size is 2-4 feet long.
This colorful water serpent is completely nocturnal and rarely seen. They are found in or among floating vegetation in freshwater streams and sometimes in loose sand along the banks of waterways and swamps, where they hunt eels. 
Rainbow snakes are found in the coastal plain of the southern United States, from southern Virginia to eastern Louisiana; they’re no longer found in Florida.
They do not bite when handled.

Rainbow Snake Control

Rainbow snakes are harmless to humans, but if their presence on your property can’t be tolerated, habitat modification techniques might encourage them to move somewhere else. Try eliminating stands of tall vegetation around ponds, culverts, wetlands, streams, or any other body of water.
A professional snake control company can assist with further habitat modification measures, and with safe trapping and removal of the snakes. You can find a snake removal professional here!

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