Water Snake Removal and Control

Water Snake control is a very common call that most Wildlife Control companies get in, most of these calls are near a waterway, When you talk about water snake removal and control in general, the term is very broad, There are over 10 different kinds of water snakes in the united states that can be listed a s a nusiance pest animal or snakes that can possibly become of problem to home owners in Many parts of the United States. I will give you a list and also provide you a brief discription of the snake along with a link to the snakes general page from this page. To have a professional animal removal company assist you with you snake problem, to find a professional snake control expert and removal professional Please select from the state that best represents your location then click the area that is closest to you and call the number listed for that company. we have listed only the best and most established companys listed on our site. Go to the locate a pro section of our site, you can get there by clicking the "Locate a Pro" button at the top of this page.

Brown Water Snake

The brown water snake is a thick-bodied snake, and its neck is distinctly narrower than its head. It is brown or rusty brown, with a row of about 25 black or dark brown square blotches down its back. Smaller similar blotches alternate on the sides. Its belly is yellow, heavily marked with black or dark brown. This is snake is Non Venoums however it can and will bite.
For more information on the Brown Water snake removal and control click here

Southern Water Snake

The southern water snake is a heavy bodied aquatic snake with black, brown, or red (or occasionally red edged in black) crossbands on tan, gray, yellow, yellow-brown, or reddish background. There’s also some sort of dark markings on their underbelly. Other characteristics are a flat head, and round pupils. Most of them reach 2-4 feet long at maturity, occasionally getting to 5 feet long.
It’s found along the coastal plain, from North Carolina to the Florida Keys, west to eastern Texas; then north along the Mississippi River Valley to southern Illinois. You’ll find them around freshwater lakes, ponds, cypress swamps, marshes, sluggish streams, and only occasionally around brackish water. for More information on Southern Water snake removal and control click here

Concho Water Snake

The Concho water snake is a small snake that grows up to 3 feet in length, with large dark reddish brown bands covering its body.
The Concho water snake is listed as Near Threatened, due to its limited range; it is found only in the Colorado and Concho River drainages in Texas. Within these very limited areas, though, it still might be present in substantial numbers.
This snake inhabits fast-flowing rocky streams and their margins, particularly shallow spots and where flat, unshaded and unsilted rocks are at or close to the water's edge, where it hunts for minnows and small fish. During the summer, they’re active in the morning and evening, using woody vegetation and flood debris along stream banks for basking and cover. Hibernation sites include crayfish burrows and rock piles. For more infomation on the control of Concho water snakes go here.

Some of the other types of watersnakes we control

Some of the other types of water snakes we remove are Florida Green Water Snake, Salt Marsh Water Snake, Northern Water Snake, The Southern Water Snake, just to name a few, we also have information on Diamond Back Water Snakes, Missippi Green Water Snakes and Plain Bellied water snakes.
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