King Snake Control and Removal

King Snake control and removal is a specialized service that should be handled by a professional pest animal removal company in the local area. There are many different types of king snakes found in the United States each year, However we will list only the ones that we have known to be a pest problem to humans. What you will find here is a brief discription of the snake along with a link going to the spefic page about the snake. at anytime you can locate a professional snake removal and control company by clicking on the "locate a pro" button on the top of this page. You can then select your state and city to find a professional king snake control company in your area.

Sonoran Mountain King Snake

Sonoran mountain kingsnakes are found in central Arizona south into Mexico; isolated populations are present in Utah and Nevada. It’s a protected species in Arizona.
Color-wise, this is not a shy snake: it sports red, black, and white, cream, or yellow bands. Black bands border red. That’s how you know that they’re non-venomous: “Red touch yellow, hurt a fellow; red touch black, friend of Jack.” Light bands and become narrow or disappear on sides. Top of head black; snout light colored. The black bands on this snake follow a neat pattern: towards the middle of their back, the black bands get wider, almost touching, and narrowing towards the belly, forming a sort of diamond pattern. More information can be found on the Sonoran Mountain King Snake here.

California Mountain King Snake

California Mountain King snakes are as the name implies are found mostly in the mountain areas of California, they can be identified by alternating red, black and white crossbands. These crossbands are arranged in triads of black – red – black, separated by white. This species is an obvious mimic of the coral snake (which has adjacent red and yellow bands) – but the kingsnake is non-venomous. This mimicry evolved when the kingsnake’s and coral snake’s ranges overlapped, which they no longer do. To find more information on the California Mountain King snake go here.

Common King Snake

The common kingsnake is a constrictor. It’s nonvenomous, and therefore harmless – to humans, that is. But incredibly, they’re not harmless to other (venomous) snakes. Immune to poisonous venom from other snakes, thanks to a special enzyme, it will eat rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouth water moccasins and even coral snakes (this guy is our friend). Other prey includes lizards, small turtles, frogs, birds, and small mammals More information can be found on the common king snake and its control and removal here.

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