baby rat snakeA rat snake is a large-size constrictor they can be found throughout the entire United States, the rats make can be found in great numbers in and around homes and buildings in suburban areas and also in farm country. Many different snakes make up the family that the rats snake belongs to. Some of the more common types of snakes in this family is the corn snake which is the world's most popular pet. A rat snake can vary in color greatly from the southern reaches of Florida where the rat snake is typically Brown in color to the far reaches of northern Maine where the rat snake is a solid color black with white markings on the underbelly. There are many different kinds of rat snakes in some of the ones that are most notable are the California rat snake, the Eastern rat snake, the great plains rat snake, the Eastern Fox snake, corn snake, Western rat snake, central rat snake, Mexican night snake in the green rat snake all make up the species. One thing that most all the aforementioned rat snakes have in common is they are primarily rodent eating snakes meaning they eat mice, rats, moles, voles and any other type of small mammal that is readily available in the snake specific area. There are several different types of rats snakes and they include and some specific information can be found on yellow Rat Snake Removal, and Texas Rat Snake Removal, and the black rat snake

Rat Snake Reproduction

Like many snakes rat snakes are egg laying snakes, between the months of February and April the rat snake begins to emerge from its winter den. After they have been out of their dens site for several weeks the snake will seek out a mate and began the reproduction process. Snakes relay their reproductive readiness by the excretion of pheromones. The release of these pheromones from the female rat snake is what initiates the initial reproduction process. The way this typically happens is, the male snake will approach the female snake, gets his body in line with hers, a lot of times you will see a rat snake mail grabbed the female rat snake with his mouth in order to keep her from moving. The male rat snake then erects his organ called a hemipenis into the female’s organ called a cloaca. Mating of the rat snakes can last anywhere from several minutes to several hours. Approximately 5 weeks later the female will lay anywhere between eight and 25 eggs, these eggs are often laid in areas such as mulched flower beds, playground sandy areas, around hollow trees and abandoned burrows that other animals have made. The rat snakes eggs will eventually Hatch after approximately 68 days. When these rat snakes babies emerge they are usually very healthy either is and will eat various insects such as ants, crickets, and other insects that are common to their area. If all weather conditions are perfect it is possible for the female rat snake to lay two groupings of eggs every year.

Rat Snakes as a nuisance

Rat snakes can and will become a nuisance when they are found in residential areas and other areas in which houses and other buildings are located. Rat snakes will often venture into these buildings in search of any food source that it finds available. As mentioned earlier in this article the main food source for rats snakes are rats, mice, moles, voles and other small mammal. The most common call for nuisance rat snake removal is for snakes in the house and snakes in the attic area of your house. This is a very common call and any qualified snake removal professional will be able to assist in solving this rat snake problem. Rat snakes are one of the easiest snakes that a nuisance animal removal operator deals with and their control often goes hand-in-hand with a quality pest control program. This pest control program will typically treat the snakes main food source. This will solve the rat snake problem about 80% of the time. If the pest control program does not completely solve your rat snake problem there are some more extreme measures they can be implemented. These measures include but are not limited to excluding the house or office building in which the rat snake problem is prevalent. Exclusion is defined by the sealing of any holes or cracks that are in or around the home in which a rat snake may gain access from. If you feel you have a rat snake problem can contact a prescreened professional bat using your state from the list on the left-hand side of this page after you choose your state you can choose the closest city that best represent your location and called a professional rat snake removal agent at the number listed on the page. You can also find more photos of rat snakes in our snake control photo gallery. Black Rat snakes are found mostly in homes and buildlings, most of the time a home or building will need a pest control program to help prevent the presence of rodents to completely solve the rat snake problem. Common questions about Rat Snakes:

I have a rat snake in my garage, What do I do?

Call a Professional snake removal company quickly. many types of other snakes are often confused with a rat snake. Never attempt to catch it! There are also situations when snakes get under houses.

Why Do I have Rat Snakes in my house?

The most common answer is, you have a unlimited food source somewhere in your home, get rid of what the snakes are eating and your battle is half won! A Rat snake removal professional can be found at the top of the page by selcecting the Locate a pro tab.

I have snakes in my attic, can you give me some advice?

We have a special page dedicated to snakes in the attic of homes, Click the link provided for some info pertaining to this problem.

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