baby rat snake under houseSnakes under houses is one of the most common call we receive in the spring and summer of the year, there are several reasons why snakes will look to gain access to your home and under it. One of the main reasons that a snake will attempt to gain access to the underneath of your home is to locate a food source, under homes is usually the main place quality food sources such as rodents like mice and rats will most likely be. Snakes know this!! People most of the time say, I don’t have a rodent problem, I have a pest control company treat my house, Well let me tell you, If you have seen a snake in your home, then the pest control company that you are paying to protect your home from pest such as mice and rats, then the pest control company is not doing their job!!


Of course there are the few times a year when a snake will gain access to under a house looking for food, but in most cases the snake is there because he has found an easy food source and will stay until it is completely depleted. This could take a while as most snakes will only eat 1 to 2 rats or mice a week. It could take several months for the snake to deplete the food source under a house. Once the snake eats all the mice under the house, he will then move onto other parts of the home such as the attic and walls of the home. This is most often when the snake is spotted by a human, most of the time when a snake is under a home, you never know its there. You may here a occasional sound but nothing to indicate there is a problem. As stated before there are several reasons that a snake can get under the house, one as mentioned above is to find a food source, the other main reason is when it’s really hot outside, the snake has no way to regulate its body temperature, A snake has no sweat glands like us humans do, so the only way a snake can cool its body temperature is to remove itself from the heat source, (get out of the sun) so the snake often times seek shelter and shade, there is no better place to do this than under the house of building. Sunlight is nonexistent under these structures and the temperature is usually 20 degrees cooler under houses. This is perfect for the snake that is looking to cool down its core body temperature and hang out until the sun goes down. It is often times when snakes are looking to get out of the sun that they stumble up on a food source. When they find the food source, they simply stay under the house and live.



How to keep snakes from under my house?


The best way to keep a snake from getting under your home is to seal off all possible points that a snake can get access. This is sometimes a very difficult task, and one that we recommend a professional snake control company to handle, snakes can enter a home from many different points and often times these points are very hard to find, unless you know where to look. Some of the more common easy to spot areas are A/C Lines sets(where a/c lines come into house at foundation level) and loose foundation vents. Be careful trying to fix these items yourself, as you need to make sure there is no snakes under the house before sealing these areas. If you trap the snake under the house, you will end up with the snake IN YOUR LIVING AREA!!!

Some of the types of snakes that you will most likely find in and around your house a Rat Snakes, Copprheads, Garter Snakes, Rattle Snakes, and many types of garden snakes.


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