Central American Speckled Racer Control (Drymobium margaritiferus)

Central America Speckled Racer Control and Removal should always be handled by a professional snake control expert, These Snakes a very Unique and should be handled and treated carefully by only expert snake control technicians. You can find a snake control & removal professional here!

The Central American speckled racer is typically black in color, with one yellow and one blue spot on each scale, giving the snake an overall greenish hue. They’re slender, and usually reach 2.5 – 3.5 feet in length. In the US, they’re found in the Rio Grande valley in Texas, in densely vegetated areas near permanent water such as lakes, reservoirs, and streams, and are nonvenomous. Speckled racer snakes consume a wide variety of prey, but primarily feed on frogs and toads.
Speckled racers are fast moving, nervous snakes which do not often hesitate to bite if handled. If you’re ever bitten by a specked racer snake, make sure to get it checked out by a doctor. They are not venomous, but with any wild animal bite there’s a risk of infection.

Specked racer Snake Control

A first step in snake control is to identify what kind of snake you have. This can be difficult, however, for non-experts. A knowledgeable snake control company can help with this.
If you find a specked racer snake in your home, or if the numbers of this snake on your property are getting too high, two things need to be done: deal with any snakes that are already there (habitat modification); and prevent more snakes from entering your home or building (exclusion).

Habitat Modification

Eliminate tall stands of vegetation, especially close to houses or buildings. Clean up leaf piles, and piles of gravel and debris; store firewood at least 18 inches off the ground.

Racer Snake Exclusion

Follow these steps to keep specked racer snakes out of homes and other buildings:
· Conduct a thorough search for cracks in the foundation, unscreened crawlspace vents and gaps around basement window frames.
· Structural gaps and crevices larger than 1/4 inch and within three feet of grade should be closed off – snakes can pass through very small openings.
· Crawlspace vents should not have screens with larger than 1/4 inch mesh.
· Check clearance under doors, and look for improper sealing where plumbing and utility lines penetrate the foundation of the building.

Specked racer Snake Removal

If you’re confident that you do indeed have a specked racer snake in your house, and you want to deal with it yourself, try this: place a trashcan on the side of the snake, and use a broom or a similar tool to gently sweep it inside the trashcan. Relocate it well away from residential areas, and seal up any openings in your house where it can get back in.
If you have any doubt about which kind of snake you have, or if you suspect several, a call to a snake control company who can inspect your property, and trap and remove snakes is warranted. A good snake control company will be skilled in snake identification and will be thoroughly familiar with all state, national, and local regulations concerning the animals.

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