The most common place for a homeowner to find a copperhead snake is in the woodpile or around a pond, however in many instances a copperhead snake will find its way into homes and buildings and often come into contact with humans. I will list a series of known instances where copperhead snakes have been found in and around structures. The photo to the lest is a picture of a sub adult copperhead snake that was found basking in the sun, notice its slightly yellowish tail, this is used by the sun adult snake to attract food into its vicinity, making the snake expell less energy to catch its food source, as the snake get older and better at hunting, it looses its " yellowish tail" These sub adult snakes are also very dangerous, they will bite almost anything that approaches them.

Copperhead in Garage

Copperhead snakes will often times be found in the garages of peoples home, often this door is left open after a car is pulled in or out, this is a perfect time for the snake to crawl inside the garage, often times tracking down frogs, which is their main food source in many areas of the country. Garages often have many things inside that a snake can use for ambush sites to capture its food, items such as cabinets and shelves are known ambush spots for snakes looking for a meal inside a garage, at the end of this page we will provide several photographs of copperhead snakes inside living areas.

Copperheads Snake under Hot Water Heater

Snakes are often found near a hot water tank, this is usually in the fall and winter months when the air has a chill to it, the reason for this is, snakes are cold blooded creatures, they draw their body heat from fixtures outside their body, that is why in nature snakes can be seen on roads, rocks, and any other place the has direct sunlight and can hold heat, this is the place where a snake draws his body heat to warm its core body temperature. See some of our snake control photos here!
In homes and buildings, you have to think a bit differently, instead of natural sunlight that produces the heat for the snake in nature, you have to thing towards artificial sources of heat, some of the things that come to mind that produces artificial heat in a home are as follows:

  • Hot Water Tank
  • Refrigerator motor (Under the refrigerator)
  • Dishwasher Motor
  • Sump Pump motor (often in crawlspace)
  • Stove/Heater Pilot light (if you have gas)
  • Computer Towers

All of the items listed above will produce some type of heat that a snake will gravitate to in an effort to increase his body temperature, even if it is only by a couple degrees, a snakes body temperature is one of the most important factors in that snakes life, so they are always aware of their surroundings and what could aide them by a small increase.

Why is this important?

This information is important for several reasons, it gives you the homeowner a general understanding how a snake’s body works, if you have this understanding, you can then attempt to start the process of finding the snake in or around your home.
It is really not hard, you just have to know where to look, but to know where to look, you must first know WHY you should look there, I hope this brief summary helps you with your problem, if you need further assistance with the copperhead inside your home, you can always give one of the operators on our site call, they all have knowledge of the snake species in question. You can contact a professional in your area by selecting the state the copperhead problem is in and then selecting the location that is closest to you. Then you simply call the number listed on that page. Snakes vary from place to place; therefore a local expert should be contacted to assist you with your problem. They will have all the correct safety equipment and tools to properly handle any snake they should find in or near your home.
We also have a copperhead snake in house page that talks about snakes in the homes.

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