Raccoon Removal Situations are seen often by many wildlife removal operators, However homeowners rarely see the damage and destruction that these animals are capable of first hand. A raccoon is one of the most destructive animals that we deal with in the wildlife removal world.
Raccoons will do damage to your roof, Your Attic insulation, Your Duct Work that channels your heating and cooling and your drywall. (which they urinate on).
In this section we have several pages that are dedicated to helping the homeowner determine what type of animals they are having a problem with. This is for educational purposes only and this information is meant in no way as a DIY guide. These are very dangerous animals and should not be handled by anyone except a expert with all the proper equipment to handle raccoons safely.
Some of the pages that we have dedicated to helping solve raccoon problems follow:

Cage Trapping Raccoons

How to trap Raccoons

Raccoon Bait Types

Raccoon in my House

Raccoons in my Chimney

These are the pages that we currently have that are dedicated to helping homeowners make educated decisions on the proper way to handle a raccoon problem.
Once again we do not recommend that you handle these wild creatures without the proper equipment, We do recommend that you call a qualified wildlife removal operator, You will be able to find a Qualified Raccoon removal expert by simply clicking the map bellow, You will be routed to our Locate a pro page where you can find the closest expert near you.

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