Raccoon Trapping

How to trap a Raccoons?

How to trap a Raccoon is a very common question that we receive in our email bag each and every day, this seems to be one of the bigger problems that people in urban environments experience every day. Either the raccoon is knocking over the garbage can, getting into the cat door or just simply decided to move into the attic of your home to have babies. They are a nuisance! Let us talk about Raccoons before we tell you how to trap them!

Raccoon Control, what Kind of damage do they actually do?

Raccoons are one of the most destructive animals in the United States, the Insurance industry estimates that the damage caused by raccoons to homeowners are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. One interesting thing that many insurance companies do not want you to know is that most Raccoon damage in attic areas of home is covered to be fixed by your homeowners insurance. There is some qualifications that need to be met before the insurance companies will pay for it. You can find a qualified raccoon removal specialist here. One of the main problems with raccoon is getting raccoons in your house.

Raccoons Digging up my lawn

We get a lot of emails from unhappy homeowners who used to have a well manicured yard. They woke up one morning and it looked like a series of bombs has went off, what happened? Raccoon is digging for grubs is the short answer!
A healthy lawn that is full of nutrients and lush grass also has a complete echo system growing bellow it, a raccoon know that if he digs into that lush yard he will find the inhabitants and they are rather tasty to him! Raccoons love to eat grubs and Japanese beetles that are found in your healthy yard. The only way to cure this problem is to trap the raccoon or kill the grubs and beetles that he is after. However killing the grubs and beetles is not the best advice a lawn service will give you in order to keep your yard looking lush and green, The best solution is to trap the raccoon!

So How do I Trap a Raccoon?

First let me state that we recommend that you hire a professional animal removal company that deals with this type of problem. If you choose not to do so, you can get top quality supplies from us, Simply send us a email and let us know what you need, we will devolve a package for you that includes the trap, The bait and specific directions on how to set and where to set. we will walk you thru the complete process. The price for these packages vary and depends on what type of trap you need. Email us for more information, you can email a picture of your damage and we will send you what you need. to find more information on raccoon removal go here

Trapping a Raccoon involves having all the right equipment and a little free time. Raccoons are covered my all State Laws and local laws should be checked before a trap is set. I may be illegal for you to set a trap and remove a raccoon in your particular city or town. After you have checked your local laws and have bought the correct size trap you then bait the trap with the correct bait, bait varies by location and each section of the country requires different bait. Once this has all been determined, you set the trap and wait for the raccoon to go into the trap. You can find more information on Cage trapping raccoons here. That’s where the problem begins!! Most traps that are available to you as a consumer does not have the access to let the animal loose at a relocation point once it is caught. You now have a trapped raccoon that you cannot release without possibly getting bit. Trapping Raccoons is very dangerous and they will bite to defend themselves. Some of the other possibilities is having a raccoon in the chimney of your home

What should I do with the raccoon in my Trap

The options at this point are few, you can either reach down and let it go from the cage or call a professional animal removal company to come and dispose of it (which there is a charge for) Relocation of a raccoon can be harmful to the animal as you are totally displacing the animal and possibly separating it from its family unit. This in its self is cruel. We recommend that a professional be called and contracted to handle any animal problem. They will make sure all the animals are removed at once and handled in the most humane way possible we are a professional animal removal and control company that serves all the US.

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