Cage Trapping Raccoons

Cage trapping raccoons can be relative difficult problem to try to address yourself, it is suggested that you hire a professional wildlife removal company to handle any wildlife problem you may have, raccoons can be very aggressive when they are caught in a trap cage. Therefore they can and are dangerous. Great care and the proper tools should be used when trying to handle a caged raccoon. If you have found your way here looking for a raccoon cage trapping professional, you can find a recommended company by visiting our wildlife professional page, this area is separated by state and then by city, just click on the location that is closest to your problem area and call the number listed on the page, its that simple!

Now, if you are not going to take our advice and call a professional, we suggest that you review our how to trap raccoons page, we also will be happy to tell you that trapping a raccoon will be expensive; first you should go to one of the big box and purchase a raccoon sized live trap, this is any trap that is large enough to safely capture a large raccoon, this usually requires a trap that is at least 40 inches long and has an opening of 12 inches by 12 inches. These will usually cost in the neighborhood of 80.00 for a good quality trap. After you have purchased a good quality cage trap, you need to find a bait in which the raccoons are attracted to, usually this can be done with a persimmon based bait, you can purchase this type of bait for about 20.00 plus shipping and handling. You can also find some more information on raccoon bait here. So essentially you have over 100 dollars in your raccoon trapping project and you haven’t even caught the raccoon yet. Next you will need to set the cage trap in a place where the raccoons are known to frequent or near some garbage cans that the raccoons are knocking down.

To this point, this has been the easy part; we have acquired the cage trap, the bait and determined the proper placement of the trap. Now we have to get the trap set and wait, and wait, and wait, possibly three or four nights until the raccoon finally shows up, all the stars line up and you catch the raccoon in the cage trap! Job Complete!!...Wrong! The job has only just begun.

We got him, Now what?

Man, you think the cage trapping was hard, now is where it gets dangerous!!
Depending on which state you are in, it is usually illegal to relocate a raccoon to another part of the city or town you live in, in most cases, if you catch a raccoon in a cage trap. It must be euthanized. If you do not euthanize the animal you are in direct violation with most state laws. In some states you can relocate a raccoon with another land owners consent, but how many land owners are going to give you consent to release a problematic raccoon on THEIR land? But let’s just assume that you have a nice place to release the raccoon from the cage, you must now reach down, release the safety catch on the door and lift it up and hold it open, while the raccoon walks out of the cage, your fingers are now within inches of the very angry raccoon. Once the raccoon walks out of the cage, it is OK to release the door and let it shut, now there is nothing between you and the angry raccoon that’s now only 2 foot from you!! This is why we suggest that you hire a professional raccoon trapper for this project, at this point, if you are going to be bitten by a raccoon it is going to be now, this is a very dangerous moment, what are you going to do if the raccoon comes out of the cage and turns around to greet you? Are you prepared?? Do yourself a favor and call a professional wildlife removal company. to find out more about general raccoon removal visit the raccoon removal page.
We have several more pages that are related to raccoon removal and control, some of the pages consist of ways to keep raccoons from entering your house

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