Raccoon Removal from your chimney is a very common problem found throughout the United States, Raccoons love to make their homes in your nice warm dry chimney area, this area is protected from all the elements that include wind, rain, snow, heat and all other things that can make a raccoons life unpleaseant.

The female Raccoon can be very aggressive and dangerous when cornered in your chimney. The female Raccoon is very protective of her babies and will defend her nest at all cost. Please dont not try to handle this problem yourself, always call a professional to handle your Raccoon in the attic complaint. You can find more information on raccoon control here.

Raccoon Disease

Raccoon droppings pose a huge threat. Their droppings may contain Baylisascaris which is Raccoon Roundworm. this is a huge problem and one that should be looked into closer my visiting sites like webmd.com some information about Raccoon Rondworm is a follows: Baylisascaris, an intestinal raccoon roundworm, it can infect a variety of animals, including humans.

The worms develop to maturity in the raccoon intestine, where they produce millions of eggs that are passed into the feces. Released eggs can take 2-4 weeks to become infective to other animals and humans. The eggs are resistant to most environmental conditions and with adequate moisture, can survive for years. This information is copied from the www.cdc.gov site.

Chimney Caps/ Chimney Cleaning

In the U.S. after raccoons have resided in the chimney for any period of time, ithe fire box should be cleaned and disinfected. this is the area of the fire place that has a metal hood over top of the area where you build your fire.

This makes a wonderful ledge for a raccoon to build her nest on. This is a collection area for wood, leaves, sticks, and other garbage a raccoon wants to drag down your chimney to build her nest. This all needs to be removed after the raccoon problem has been solved, ask for wildlife removal professional for a quote to have this mess cleaned and disinfected.

After everything has been removed and cleaned a high quality chimney cap should be installed on the chimney flu to keep this problem from reoccuring. failure to have a chimney cap put on could result in the problem be repetative and occur year after year.

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