Types of Mole Traps

There are many different types of mole traps used in the United States, In these pages we will try and outline the 4 most popular traps, show photos of the traps and explain the difference between how they work. We will, out line the good, the bad and make recommendations of the best type of trap to use depending on what type of soil you have. The main types of Moles are: The Broad Footed Mole, Coast Mole, Hairy Tailed Mole, Shrew Mole and the Townsend Mole.
All of these moles can be trapped in one of several types of moles traps. the following types of traps are what's on the market today and we will indicated what we use in our wildlife removal business to help homeowners with their mole problems.

No-Mole Traps

No Mole traps are a kind of trap that goes directly in the run of a moles as it travels thru the yard, a mole will make several different types of runs in the yard, thee are the straight runs and the runs that seem to zig zag.
The straight runs are the travel runs, these are the tunnels that the moles travel from their bedding locations to their feeding areas.
The zig zag tunnels are the feeding tunnels that the moles make as they feed in the yard after worms and beetles.

Out of Site Traps

Harpoon Mole Traps

Scissor-Jaw Trap

As the years have gone by one would think that the art of mole trapping would move forward with time, however some of the same trap designs are still in use today that were in use 50 years ago, all the advances in chemicals have yet to provide a good poison that will control a mole problem in a yard, there are ways to use chemicals to 'aide' in the process to riding the yard of moles, however there is no way of doing it completely with chemicals, you will have to trap these animals to totally eliminate them from your property.

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