Moles will tunnel in the yard in each season of the year
Each and every type of mole will tunnel in the yard, however there are several different types of tunnels in which a mole will dig in the following paragraphs I will attempt to explain each type of tunnel and the kind of moles that could possibly dig these tunnels in greater detail

Shallow tunnel

Shallow tunnels are made in the spring summer and fall months of the year these tunnels are usually travel corridor between feeding areas. If you have a shallow tunnel that zig zags, this is called a feeding tunnel. As moles find food, they will zig and zag back and forth in one area once they find a food rich area.

Deep Tunnels

Deep tunnels are usually brought to the top of the ground by digging relief tunnels, up out of the ground, this is a area where a mole who has dug a area underground can expel the dirt from the tunnel system. its kind of like cleaning the hole. a mole does this by digging up at a angle to the top of the ground and expelling the loose dirt from inside the cavity system.
These deep tunnels can be permanent tunnels that the mole uses for travel between known feeding areas. These tunnels will often be very straight and go only from point A to point B.
The feeding tunnels we talked about in the previous paragraph are the tunnels that will be most active.

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