Townsend Mole (a.k.a. Snow Mole) (Scapanus townsendii)

The Townsend mole likes damp soils. You’ll find it in open lowland areas and open wooded areas with moist soils along the Pacific coast from southwestern British Columbia to northwestern California. They’re also found, unsurprisingly, in meadows, fields, and lawns.

They’re a little bigger than most moles, at about 8 inches long, and are thought to be nocturnal. Townsend moles are black and have almost naked tails, and are sometimes confused with broad-footed moles, which are more brownish or grayish in color and have furry tails. It eats mostly earthworms and insects, like most moles, but the Townsend mole also eats plant matter.


This animal is on the endangered species list in Canada and in the US, so great care must be taken if you live in the areas where this animal is found. If you live in one of these areas, do not try to trap the animals on your own; call a professional animal control company so that this can be dealt with in a legal and ethical manner.

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