Laughing Gull Control, Gull Removal

The laughing gull is one of the most common gull on the east coast. This bird is smaller in stature than many of the other common gulls found in the same range, This bird ranges between 15 and 17 inches in length.

We will list all information on the Laughing gull and all other gulls as follows.


The laughing gull is a common gull in the eastern part of the United States They are grey to black in color and have a white chest. Their bill is red in color, They have pink legs are can often be seen in great numbers on beaches and Peirs along the east coast, Places such as Virginia Beach and populated areas such as New Jersey are covered with Laughing Gulls.


The laughing Gull is found in areas that have a lot of human population such as beaches, Lagoons, marshes and piers. These gulls can be very troublesome, as they have become very acclimated to humans and look to humans for a food source.
Some of the damage you will find associated to laughing sea gulls is droppings, nesting and harassment for food, these birds can be very costly to business owners that allow these birds to nest or loaf at their establishment. You can find other information on other sea gulls and their control here.

What can be done?

There are several things you can do to help rid yourself or your business of sea gulls, there are several methods to control sea gulls, including eagle eye. You can find more information on eagle eye installation here.

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