Bird Eagle Eye Installation, Pest Birds

Eagle Eye is a pest bird deterrent that is often installed in industrial areas that are not viable options for other conventional bird control products. These Eagle eye products have advanced in the last several years, The eagle eye is also available for boats. The target birds for the eagle eye is sea gulls and pigeons. You can find an installer for your eagle eye product here. The eagle eye comes in 3 different product designs:
Eagle Eye 12 V Motorized- Powered by a electric motor, the motor can be run by a 110v outlet or a solar panel, This kit includes one eagle eye, a power supply cord, some low voltage wire and the tubing connectors to install the eagle eye.
Eagle Eye- Wind Power, This eagle eye is powered by wind, This is not a standalone unit, it is often used in tandem with motorized units, These wind powered units come with all the cables and connectors needed to install these in a basic configuration. This unit is installed on a pole.
Eagle Eye Hanging Wind- This is the unit that is used for boats and other remote sites that have no power available to use the motorized version. When you buy this it includes the eagle eye, the rope and pulleys for installation.

How does the eagle eye work?

The eagle eye is a bird scarer that works on the optical senses of birds such as sea gulls and pigeons. These works by redirecting light beams reflected from the sun or other artificial light sources. The reflective pyramid rotates via an electric motor, wind or solar panel, sending the light beams in many directions. This makes the bird turn and redirect its flight path, this limits the birds vision therefore causing the bird to leave the area all together.

The units are powered by either wind, Small voltage wire or by solar panels.

The coverage on these eagles eyes are apox. every 300 feet, You may need to place the eagle eyes closer together if in fact there is shade and places that do not receive lots of sun during peak flying times, when the birds are most active.

We have been installing eagle eye bird control for as long as it has existed. Please give us a call or email us from the link above, if you have specific questions about the eagle eye bird control product.
This product has been proven to work on many types of birds including Sea Gulls and Pigeons.

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