Bird Spike Installation

Bird Spike Installation can be a very complex job. There are many variables when attempting to determine exactly what size and how many feet of bird spikes you will need. Bird Spikes are expensive and over buying the product could run you into the hundreds of dollars, once you buy the bird spikes, you own them; there is no company that will let you return the unused portion. That is why it is critical that you get exactly what size and amount you need the first time you order. Here on these pages we will go over some of the variables and some of the dos and don’ts when bird spiking your building. This is a photo of a sign that has already been bird spiked.

What size Bird Spikes do I need?

This is a photo of a sign that needs to be bird spiked, one of the major questions that we get is "how much product do I need to order to have my sign Bird Spiked? This is a pretty easy question to try and figure out, the size of the bird spike is relevant to the size of the area you are trying to deter the birds from loafing on, if the area is a 8 inch beam, you will need a set of bird spikes that will cover the entire area, Bird Spikes will usually come in 4, 6, 8 and 12 inch sizes. If you have an area that is larger, then you should figure on installing two rows of Bird Spikes. For example, if you have a 16 inch ledge to cover. You would install a row of 12 inch bird spikes and a row of 4 inch bird spikes. This is important because this will essentially double your cost of the install, because you are buying TWO rows of bird spikes.

What type of equipment do I need to install bird spikes?

The type of equipment need to install bird spikes varies, you will need to concentrate more on the type of lift you will need to access the areas that need to be spiked. Lifts are very expensive and most bird spike installation companies will usually rent the equipment need to install bird spikes. The most common type of equipment that is rented is platform lifts, these will vary in price, depending on the height they go up and if the rental company has to deliver the equipment or not. The common rental range is somewhere between $350.00 and $600.00 a day. This is one of the reasons that bird spike installation is so expensive. This equipment can be rented by the week at a discounted rate, but it is still expensive.
Some if the other equipment that is needed is a measuring tape, calk gun, extension ladders, 20 gauge metal cutters and a metal break, some of the other stuff that you could possibly use is a chalk line, metal scrapper, and possibly a .22 caliber metal fastener and a pressure washer. All of these tools are needed to correctly install bird spikes on signs and buildings.

I have a area that I want Bird Spiked, can you help?

We have a network of professional bird spike installers all across the country, you can either fill out the form bellow and we will contact you to assist you in solving your bird spike problem. Remember to fill out all the information in the form or your request will not be processed. We handle many areas in house, however if you are in an area that we do not service, we can put you in contact with a verified bird control professional that has all the qualifications to install your bird control devices. Some of the other problems we solve are birds in stores, birds in attics, birds in vents, and all other nusiance bird control and removal problems.

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