The proper steps for removing birds from vents

Some very common questions that we get regarding the removal of birds from vent areas of the home often refer to the proper steps one should take when trying to deal with this very common problem that seems to occur on many subdivisions thru out the country.
Bird in vents seem to be a very common problem in the spring time of the year when birds will start the nesting the process, these birds, Mostly European starlings, will seek the seclusion and dryness of vent pipes in order to find a good place for them to build nests. In this article we will review what we consider the proper steps to follow to best eliminate this very common problem.
Let me start this article by saying that we recommend a wildlife removal professional for this chore, birds are very nasty creatures and carry many parasites and diseases that they are associated with.
These parasites should be treated with commercial grade chemicals that can only be purchased by professional pest control companies.

Steps to remove the birds

Here are the basic steps to performing a basic bird in vent pipe extraction.

Step 1

The first step in this process is you must first identify the type of bird you have in your vents and the state of which the bird has established itself in your vent, if it is very early in the spring then the bird may not be as established and as difficult to deal with as they may be later in the spring.

Step 2

Once you have determined how long the bird has been inside the vent pipe of your home, you need to determine how much nesting and other debris is in the vent. to determine this, you can by a fiber optic scope, this will help you see inside the vent. These can usually be purchased for about $200.00 from any of the big box lumber stores.

Step 3

Once you find the nesting and other obstructions, you can then purchase a “fish”. This can be found in the electrical isle from the same big box store. They are usually as low as $40.00. You then run the fish in and out of the vent pipe until all the debris comes out, you can turn the vent fan on to help dislodge the nesting, however be careful, it can all break free at once and blow into your eyes. All along you are standing on a ladder.

Step 4

The last and final step to a simple bird in vent removal is to disinfect the vent system; This is a very important part of the process and one that should never be skipped. A commercial grade chemical such as demand is used; this chemical is only available to companies that have the required license. Birds carry a parasite called a bird mite that can and will infest your home, often starting with the bathroom areas or the area where the laundry is done, this is because these areas is where the vents originate. The vent pipes that the birds infest are usually the upper floor bathroom exhaust vents and dryer vents.
The is the very simple version of the bird in vent removal process, a more complex version may be needed to remove the birds from your vent pipes and an on site evaluation is needed as all homes are created differently. We suggest that you call a professional to have this service performed, by the time you buy all the correct tools and pay to have a company spray a quality grade chemical in your vents that is capable of eliminating the parasite risk, it ill be more cost effective to have a professional do the job correctly. Incorrect execution of these methods often leads to dead birds in vents, rotten eggs left in the vents and flammable materials left inside the vents. If you have questions or concerns about your bird in vent infestation, please email us and we can point you to a quality wildlife professional, or choose from the navigation that is listed by state and closest city , then just all the number listed on the page. This is one DIY project that you should skip…

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