skunk removalWildlife under the shed or a deck is a very common call that most wildlife removal operators will get in the spring and summer times of the year, most of the time the animals that are responsible for these calls is either groundhogs or skunks. These two animals are responsible for aprox. 75% of the complaints of animals under sheds or decks. When you have a skunbk under your shed or deck, You have a real problem!! Skunks are famous for spraying when they get nervous, and often times they will get nervous when someone walks into a shed or on a deck, they think of you as a predator and will spray in order to defend their home. When in fact all they did was stink up your entire house! This is a very difficult problem and one you should have solved By a professinal wildlife removal company There are several problems that go along with having wildlife unnder your deck or shed, one of the major problem besides the possibility of a skunk spraying and making your home unliviable for over a month withourt treatment, is the fact that all animals chew wires, Sheds and decks always have wires and other cables that run under them, wires such as electrical and cables such as TV cable or Telephone wires a often chewed in half, never to work again! This means the entire cable has to be replaced.

How to trap wildlfe under a shed?

Learning how to trap wildlife under a shed is fairly complacated. most of the time you can not see under a shed or a deck, and often times you can not get a trap to the area where the animal is living, therefore you have to set the trap on the outside of the shed or deck, this takes the difficulty of catching the animal even higher. This is really a job for a professional animal control company. By the time you purchase a trap and spend the time leaning how to work it, you would be much better off to hire a pro.
Often times a professional will find things that you as a homeowner would over look, such a chewed wires, structure damage caused by tunneling and other items these guys are trained to look for.

Wildlife Exclusion from Under Sheds

Some wildlife removal experts will perform a task called a wildlife exclusion, this is a process that eliminates all entry points that a animal can enter and exit from under a shed or building, you can find out more information on wildlife exclusions at our exclusion page.

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