Roof Repair and Replacement

Animal control solutions has been in business doing roof repair and roof replacement in northern Virginia and southern Maryland for over 20 years, we are a certified contractor in both Virginia and Maryland in our insured up to $2 million in general liability insurance.
Often times in the wildlife removal field there are situations in which a animal removal company would be the most qualified contractor to remove and replace your roof, Not all roof removal companies have qualified staff to take into consideration the presence of a animal, most roof companys will simply seal the house shut, this only leads to the problem animal chewing back into the home within a matter of HOURS!

Why Us?

On many occasions a typical roof company will overlook areas that animals will take advantage of, making the new roof vulnerable to animal intrusion, With Animal Control Solutions roof replacement crew, we repair or replace the shingle as any normal roofing crew would do, however we go the extra mile and actually seal the home and all of its vulnerabilities at the time the roof is installed.
Animal Control Solutions has been providing the services for well over 20 years, we have a qualified group of workers who only do roof repairing and roof replacement on staff, we do not subcontract any work! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call a list of references are available upon request.
Please check with the other companies that are listed on this website as to whether they repair Roofs or not.
Not all animal control companies do roof repair in exclusion work

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