Raccoon Travk IdRacoon feacal ID is often we are called to a residence to investiagte, raccoons are one of the most common and wide spread animals in the united states and their poop is virtually everywhere, Raccoon poop is often found on decks of suburban homes and in city streets. Raccoon feces is everywhere and you should know how to ID it the feces properly.

The type of feces that a raccoon leaves behind is often called "cord", the names simply describes the apperance of the feces and often it will have flat ends, the contents of the feces will vary from area to area and also vary depending on the season, in many instances you will see unspent corn in the feces, or undigested berries, this is THE best way to identify the raccoons food source, this will most likely be the the key to catching the animal in a trap if that is the desired result, what better to catch a animal with than what it is currently eating..

Raccoon poop Id

As you can see from the photo, the raccoon poop is very "cord" like and if you look closely, you can also see that this raccoon has been eating berries. You could investigate this in more detail if you smashed the fecal, but you must first be aware of the biohazard that the fecal has and take precaution not to come in direct contact with the feces, you should always wear gloves if you plan on investigating the fecal in more detail. Raccoon feces does appear in shape and size as other animal fecal and sometimes and disection of the feces is the only way to tell the true provider of the small gift the animal has left you. One thing that we find odd about a raccoon and its fecal, raccoons are very cat like and will often use the bathroom in the SAME spot, so if you have a large amount of feces in one particular area, this is often called a raccoon latrine.  These latrines are often found in attic areas of homes and building and can also be found in crawlspaces.( under homes) if you have a raccoon latrine in your home, it would be a good idea to have a professional wildlife control company come and remove it.

This latrine will contain many hazrds such as biohazrds and health hazrds, I will go into that in the next paragraph.

Raccoon carry many types of parasites and diseases some of the parasites that they carry are lice, fleas and many types of worms, Raccoon roundworm is a very common parasite that is most commonly connected to raccoons and their feces.

In the case that you have raccoons in your attic, odds are you have raccoon feces in the attic, if this is the case, you should consider having a professional insulation removal company take care of the problem. The company that handles this should be equipped with a high volume Vaccumn and all the proper resporators to completely handle the situation, under no circumstances should you every let them carry raccoon feces thru your home, the feces laced insulation should be taken out of a vent in the roof, never thru the home, it is your resonability to ask these questions, if a operator wants to take the feces thru your home, call another contractor!!!!

We have a list of verified wildlife control companies that can help you with your raccoon feces removal situation. simply cick the link and choose you area and call the number. If you have no one in your area, email me from the contact us button and I will find you one!!

If you have questions about raccoon control, you can visit our raccoon control page for many differant types of situations.


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