Dead Rats in Walls of House

Dead Rats in the walls of homes in a very common call we get in the winter time each year.
Dead rats will occur in walls for several reasons, The major reasons that people will get dead rats in the walls of their homes is pest control companies using poison blocks to try and control a rat population. This is not the correct way to handle a rat infestation in a home. Pest control companies will often use the method of poison because it is very simple to do. Even the worst pest control companies will have access to rat poison and it shows, every year we get hundreds of phone calls from homeowners with dead rats in their walls. This problem is easily fixed if addresses in the very beginning the correct way. The problem can also be a long lingering problem if approached the wrong way.

How Did the dead rats get in the walls

The dead rats got into you walls either thru the ceiling or the crawlspace portion of your home. The best solution to taking care of this problem is to have a rat exclusion done to the home to seal up all possible entry points in the homes vulnerable areas. If all areas are sealed properly then the rats will have never gained access to the walls to begin with, so if you have a dead rat in the wall of your home, then you obviously have areas where rats are gaining access to your home. Once a rat has made access to the crawlspace area of your home, the rat has access to all areas of your house. Including walls and ceilings.

How do I get rid of the dead rats in the walls

Often times the best way to get rid of dead rats in walls is to call a professional rat removal company to come and find it, this is not your typical pest control company, they are likely to have caused this problem to begin with, we are talking rat removal company, a company that specializes in the removal and control of rats from a structure. They will have equipment such as fiber optic scopes, and will perform services such as rat exclusions. Be sure to ask when calling around to find such a company. You can always use one of the companys we recommend by going to our locate a rat removal professional page We have verified each company we list and they all do rat exclusions and have the proper equipment to handle the problem correctly.

What killed the rat in my walls?

Hard to say, but most of the problems we run across is due to either a pest control company or a homeowner gone wild, broadcasting rat poison in every corner of the home. What then happens is the rats will eat the poison, This starts the process of the rats ultimately dieing in the walls of your home. Most of the poisons used today are considered second generation poisons or "superwarfarins". Meaning they are far more lethal than the poisons that were used several years ago. These poisons are Anticoagulants, Meaning they are essentially a blood thinner, after the rats have eaten one dose of the “poison” the process then starts, I could go into the complicated route of the ways this works or I can simply say that the blood thinner eaten by the rats thins the blood so much, their blood vessels collapse and they die wherever this happens, rather its in the walls or the ceilings of your home or in the yard of your house. Some of the types of rats that could be in your walls the house mouse, norway rat, roof rat and the kangroo rat There are other types of rats that do not get into walls of homes such as Musk Rats these types of rats will inhabit waterways and farm ponds doing much damage to the sides of the waterways.