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Mt. Vernon, VA Squirrel Removal and Control experts provide complete solutions to all types of squirrel problems. Squirrels in Attic are some very common calls we receive throughout Northern Virginia and in Mt. Vernon. These calls are very common and most people that have squirrels in the attic commonly share the same problems and exhibit the same situations with squirrels. The most common call associated with squirrels in the attic is the persistent scratching that is heard from the homeowner. This comes from the squirrel preparing to have babies. Baby squirrels are born in the month of Feb and March in the eastern part of the United States. They may be born earlier in the South and Later in the west.

How to get rid of squirrels in the attic in Mt. Vernon

There are several ways to to get rid of squirrels in the attic portion of your home, the best option is have a reliable company come in and remove the squirrels by trapping them. After the squirrels have all been trapped and the attic inspected to verify that there is no more squirrel activity in the attic, after a professional determines that there is no more squirrel activity in the attic area, you should have your Mt. Vernon, VA house sealed. This is called squirrel exclusion and should be done with quality metal that has enough thickness that the squirrel does not chew through.

Squirrel Exclusion in Mt. Vernon, VA

Squirrel exclusion is the act of sealing a house with metal in order to keep any rodent or animal out. This can be done to the gutter line of the house or to the vent screens. All houses have Vent screens, these screens are either on the end of the house and are shaped like a triangle or they are located on the roof. These vents act as a temperature regular for the attic portion of the house. This vents lets the hot air escape from the attic and keeps the shingles and underlayment cool so you can get quality years out of your roofing, If these vents were not there the temp. Inside the attic would reach crazy numbers in the summertime and the shingles would essentially melt off of the roof. Is gets really hot in this area of Northern Virginia. So these vents do have a purpose and their function should remain intact. This is why you should have a professional determine the appropriate material to cover these vents with would be.

Mt. Vernon, VA Squirrels in the attic

The Squirrels in the attic problem come with many other problems that are existent with the presence of squirrels. Squirrels are rodents, which mean their front two teeth always grow! With the growth of their front two teeth comes the need to always chew. This keeps their teeth filed down to a manageable level so the squirrel or rodent can continue to eat and break nuts. With the chewing, comes the threat of the squirrels chewing on your wires of your home. This causes phones not to work, Plug-in’s malfunction and most of all the act of the squirrel chewing on your wires is a tremendous fire hazard.

Once you discover you have squirrels in your attic, you should have them removed as soon as possible. Our friendly staff covers that areas around Alexandria and Mt. Vernon Everyday. We are here to help you with you Mt Vernon, VA Squirrel removal problem.

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