Wildlife Removal Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City Raccoon Removal can often be a dangerous task. Call us for Raccoon Removal and control in Salt Lake City, Utah. The right equipment and the proper personnel should be on hand before any attempt to remove a raccoon from an attic area or any other closed in area. Raccoon Removal and control in Salt Lake City Utah is one of the more common call that come through our office. Salt Lake City is a growing city and the large number of nuisance animals we have is great! Raccoon removal and control is a very common service that is needed throughout the Salt Lake City Metro area. Some of the ore common problems that people in Salt Lake City call our office to report are as follows:

  • Raccoons in attics
  • Raccoons digging holes
  • Raccoons tearing up attic insulation
  • Raccoons damaging duct work

Salt Lake City Raccoon control

Raccoons can be very aggressive and will bite and claw to defend their nest. Raccoons are listed by the state of Utah as a fur barer. Therefore the proper licensing is needed for any company to perform a raccoon extraction. Pest Team Six Salt Lake City has all the proper licensing required by Utah. We also carry a general liability insurance policy covers you the homeowner!

Baby Raccoons in Salt Lake City

Baby raccoons are typically born in the months of March-May, they may be born later depending on the Salt Lake City Utah winter. Raccoons can be very protective of their young and you should never attempt to remove baby raccoons from the nesting area in which the female has prepared. She is often times in very close vicinity and can be at the aid of her baby raccoons in a matter of seconds. She will be very aggressive in defending her babies and any attempt to remove them from their nest should not be made by anyone without the qualifications or the equipment to do so properly. Don't let the raccoons of Salt Lake City over take the attic area or the crawlspace of your home, contact a professional raccoon removal company immediately.

Raccoons can be a very dangerous animal and you should never attempt to remove or control a raccoon without the proper equipment. There are many different types of programs that can be implemented for raccoon removal in Salt Lake City. There is physical removal of the problem raccoon and there are trapping programs that can be implemented to capture the problem raccoon. Different situations require different measures in your raccoon removal professional can let you know which raccoon removal strategy is best suited for your situation.

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