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Raleigh Squirrels in Attic Removal

Raleigh Squirrel Control services are a common nuisance wildlife problem of North Carolina. Squirrel Problems are on of the most common calls received in Raleigh, North Carolina. Commonl problems are squirrels in attic of homes and buildings. The grey squirrel is the most common pest we deal daily in the spring and fall. We provide Squirrel Removal throughout Wake County including the areas of Garner, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Clayton, Cary, and Apex NC.

Squirrels in the attic, Raleigh, NC

Squirrels will go into the attic area of a house for several reasons, Most of the time the squirrel will enter the attic area of one home in order to find a suitable place top have babies in the spring and fall of the year. Some people say, Oh we should just let the squirrels stay in the attic area of the home; we say this is a very bad idea!!

Quick Fact: Squirrels and other rodents are responsible for over 40 percent of electrical related fires in the Northern North Carolina area. Squirrels are a rodent meaning their front teeth continue to grow all the time from the time of their birth until the time they die.
Squirrels in the attic areas of home will destroy home wiring, they will chew telephone cords, they will dig holes in sheet rock and they will destroy your insulation by trampling it down and making it useless. They will also urinate and defecate in the insulation making it a bio hazard and overall a health risk.

This is a very unsanitary issue and one that should be taken care as soon as possible. The old contaminated insulation should be removed from the attic area and replaced with new insulation to bring your home up to Raleigh County code compliance. The insulation should be a R-39 to meet the county and state guidelines.

Squirrels in the chimney Raleigh, NC

A lot of times people that do not have squirrels in the attic of their homes end up having squirrels in their chimney or fireplace. We also see squirrels in vents and other strange places. Squirrels in Chimneys and fireplaces are a very hard problem to solve. Squirrels by their nature will attempt to hide when a person or predator reaches inside the fireplace to get them. This causes problems for the animal removal technician, as often these areas are very hard to see into. This is where special equipment is needed, we use fiber optic scopes and listening devices in order to pinpoint the squirrel in the fireplace area, we then use special tooling in order to reach the squirrel in the fireplace. We then can successfully remove the animal from the fireplace or stove without harming the squirrel or without the possibility of being bit by the animal. We take great pride in being able to handle any problem with squirrels in Wake County, North Carolina and look forward to assisting you with your Wake County, NC nuisance squirrel problem.

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