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Birds in your Vents are a very common problem in Freehold, NJ and surrounding areas of Freehold. Common sounds associated with having this problem is scratching sounds, loud thumping sounds and alot of chirping sounds after the bird babies are born. Birds are one of the dirtiest animals in North America, Birds and their dropping can carry over 60 different disease with the most common being the Bird Flu. Some other health hazards that birds carry are lice and mites. Birds should be removed from the ventilation pipe and the piping should be sprayed with a Insecticide Disinfectant to kill all the possible health hazards. Some of the more common problems we deal with are:

  • Birds in your Bathroom Vent
  • Birds in your Dryer Vent
  • Birds in your Kitchen Vent
  • Birds in your Air Conditioning Vent

Wildlife animal removal Bird Control services all Freehold New Jersey and surrounding areas.

The following are the most common Birds in New Jersey that we found will take up Residence in your vent.

Common Grackle: Common Grackles are large, lanky blackbirds with long legs and long tails. The head is flat and the bill is longer than in most regular blackbirds, with the hint of a downward curve. In flight, the wings appear short in comparison to the tail. Males are slightly larger than females, You’ll often find Common Grackles in large flocks, flying or foraging on your lawn and in planted agricultural fields. They strut on their long legs, pecking for food rather than scratching. At your bird feeders Common Grackles will dominate smaller birds and scare them away. When resting they sit atop trees or on telephone lines, keeping up a loud chattering throughout the evening hours. this is what the look like:

The following species will use your vents to make their nests:

Like the house sparrow, the starling was introduced from Europe in the 19th century. It did not spread as fast and only reached the western coast within the last few decades. Starlings are well adapted to urban life which offer it an abundance of food and nesting sites. It is a muscular bird about eight inches long with long wings and a short squared tail. Starlings are very aggressive and will drive native birds out of their territory, much to the dismay of local bird watchers. Starlings are well noted for their flocking habits. They often gather in the tens of thousands, creating a nuisance when roosting in populated areas.

The starling is a dark chunky, muscular bird. It is distinguished from other blackbirds by its short tail and its longer, slender bill. Starling plumage varies depending on the season. In winter, the bird displays a highly speckled iridescent coat and a dark bill. In summer, the bird's coat dulls and has far fewer speckles.

There are several other types of Blackbirds that nest in your vent pipes, Even thou the common Grackle is the most common in our area, the birds in your vent may look different. Give our office a call today to have the birds removed from your vents.

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