Professional Armadillo Removal and Armadillo Control in Shreveport Louisiana

If you are finding small or large holes in your yard, and are not sure what is digging in your yard at night, chances are you have an Armadillo scavenging for food.

These nuisance critters can destroy your lawn in a single night. They dig holes in search of food, they prefer insects such as beetles. A All Animal Control have extensive experience in ridding yards of Armadillos. If you need to get rid of an armadillo the wildlife control professionals of A All Animal Control has the knowledge and expertise to solve your armadillo problem. Servicing the northwest Louisiana areas including:

Shreveport, Bossier City, Mansfield, Ruston, Minden, and Marshall Texas.

Armadillos main diet consist of insects, and grubs making your yard the perfect habitat. They can dig long burrows in your yard causing damage to shrubs and trees root systems. These burrows can also weaken your patio or sidewalks foundation causing them to crack. Armadillos are excellent diggers and can dig down a least a foot. These animals are nocturnal and can dig quite a bit of land and cause major damage to your Shreveport, Orange Beach, Daphne, Foley, and Gulf Shores lawn in a single night!

A All Animal Control can trap and remove these nuisance wildlife animals in a humane and safe manor. We specialize in:

  • Armadillos Digging in yard
  • Armadillos Digging up garden
  • Armadillos Digging under concrete foundation
  • Armadillos Digging under sidewalk

Armadillo Facts:

Armadillos are very odd looking creatures. Armadillos are always Born in 4's, Quadruplets, and all are born the same sex. The most common type of Armadillo found in Alabama is the Nine Banded Armadillo. They like the warmer climates of the south where the soil is softer and easier for digging. Armadillos are not trapped by using bait. The most effective way is to trap the animal by utilizing their natural travel pattern. They have very poor eye site, so by detecting the animals travel patterns the correct placement of the trap the animal can be safely captured. We have heard of people using such bait as pickles, cabbage, corn and other types of bait. The professionals at A All Animal Control have found these baits to be ineffective. The professional trappers at A All Animal Control can help remove these wildlife pests in a safe and humane manor.

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