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Gainesville armadillo removal experts can stop armadillos from digging holes in your yard. Armadillos digging in my yard are a common problem that occurs in Gainesville, Florida. Armadillo control can be a complicated and tricky animal to trap. The nine banded armadillo is the only armadillo found in Florida and all of the US. These animals prefer to live in warm climates making Florida a perfect habitat. The armadillo’s diet consists of bugs, grubs, plants, and fruits. They forage for food in the early morning and early evening. The can cause havoc to nicely manicured lawns, golf courses, and gardens in a single night. They will dig small to medium sized holes and long burrows in your yard in search of food. These burrows can damage concrete foundations of sidewalks, porches, and buildings.

Gainesville, FL Armadillo Removal

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Armadillos are difficult to trap in a sense that their main diet consists of beetles, termites, ants, they have poor eyesight, and a keen sense of smell. Why does this make armadillos hard to capture? Because bait cannot be used to trap these armor shelled critters.

How to get rid of Armadillos in Gainesville?

A wildlife removal technician can do an inspection and in fact determine rather it is an armadillo causing damage to your yard. Once a determination has been made that it is an armadillo then an armadillo trapping program can be started. Why trap armadillos? Trapping and removing them is the most effective control method.

Wildlife removal technicians will determine the animal’s natural path then set up fencing barriers to direct these animals in to the traps. Armadillos have poor eyesight which make these b should be done the technician will trap these animals. The trapping is done by determining the animal’s natural route and place traps in its path and into the holes that the animals live in. The Trapping of the animals is the most effective armadillo removal technique. Once the animals are caught it is important to rid your yard of the animals food source in order to prevent reinfestation of other animals. Armadillo technicians can make suggestions on the treatment and prevent of Armadillos.

Gainesville Wildlife Removal professionals have the knowledge and expertise to solve your armadillo problems. Our services area includes all of Alachua County including the areas of: Alachua, Archer, Gainesville, Hawthorne, High Springs, La Crosse, Micanpoy, Newberry, and Waldo.

Gainesville Wildlife Removal can trap and remove these nuisance wildlife animals in a humane and safe manner.

Gainesville Armadillo Specialty Services:

• Armadillos Digging in yard
• Armadillos Digging up garden
• Armadillos Digging under concrete foundation
• Armadillos Digging under sidewalk

Gainesville Armadillo Facts:

Armadillos have very sharp front claws and strong legs making them excellent diggers. They have poor eyesight and a good sense of smell. They are distinguished by the number of bands on the armor hence the nine banded armadillo native to Gainesville, FL. Call today for solutions to all your Gainesville, FL Nuisance Wildlife Control problems!

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