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Anaheim, CA Bee Removal & Control of Bees

Anaheim California bee removal and control is a specialized service offered by several companies in the Anaheim CA area. This is a specialty form of pest control and a service that should only be performed only by trained bee control professionals. Over the last several years there has been a influx of Africanized honey bees that have taken the area by storm.

Common bees and wasps of Anaheim and surrounding ares include European honeybees, yellow jackets, paper wasps, and many other types of bees. You should always assume that the bee or wasp you are dealing with are dangerous and will most definitely attack you. Never try to handle a bee situation without a trained professional.

Africanized Honey Bees in Anaheim, CA

Africanized honey bees in Anaheim, CA have been a growing problem over the last 10 years. Africanized honey bees started their North word track from South Central Africa many years ago. In 1956 A Brazilian scientists brought Africanized honey bees to South America. There the bees was to undergo a cross breeding experiment with their European honey bees. From there the bee has spread north as It swarms every year. Until the early 1980’s the Africanized honey bee was contained to the borders of South America. In 1986 the first Africanized honey bees were found in Mexico, then in 1990 the first Africanized bee colony was found in the United States. These bees were first discovered In the United States in South Texas. From there they have spread across the Deep South and have been found in California over the last several years. The Anaheim, CA area has been right in the cross hairs of theses very aggressive bees and great care should be taken when removing and controlling any bees in this area of CA.

Some other types of bees in Anaheim, CA

There are over 1000 kinds of bees that are native to California, of these bees 26 are Bumble Bees which assist in pollinating plants in the local Anaheim, CA area. These are not the bees that are typically aggressive. The wasp Family of bees is the typically aggressive bees in the Anaheim area. These types of bees include Paper wasps, all types of Hornets, and Yellow Jackets. These are the most aggressive bees there is, in fact they are normally called bees, however the proper term for the insects is wasp. Wasp control and Wasp removal in Anaheim, CA can be very dangerous. It is estimated the a new bee or wasp hive in the Anaheim area could contain between one and 5000 wasps or bees. It is also though that an established colony in the areas around Anaheim, CA could contain over 20 thousand bees or Hornets. This is a tremendous amount of insects. Just think if 20 thousand bees swarmed you at the same time in order to defend their nests.

This is why we recommend you contact a bee control and bee removal professional in the Anaheim, CA area to have this type of work done. We have done some research and we recommend the company listed on this page to handle these types of bees for you in Anaheim, CA. Complete Bee and Wasp solutions provided by our professional Bee Removal Experts of Anaheim.

Some Email we have received about bee removal in Anaheim

I have a bees nest in my wall in Anaheim, CA , what types of bees can it be and are they dangerous?

First off, Yes they could be dangerous! Always assume that the types of bees your are dealing with in this area are Africanized honey bees. We can help get them out, Please call the number listed on the bee removal page for Anaheim, CA.

We have a huge bees nest in the ground by our dogs house, What types of bees could they be?

What you have sounds like ground bees such as yellow Jackets or some other types of Hornets. Please be very careful or better yet call a professional bee removal and control expert in your area of Anaheim.

We have a very large swarm of bees in the trees above the house, we all have been stung, what do we do?

Sounds like you have a very aggressive bee swarm, By the fact that you were stung as well as your family members were stung leads me to believe that you could possibly have a swarm of Africanized Honey Bees in the trees above your home. Call a professional!! Do Not ever attempt to control these bees without the proper equipment.

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