The Raccoon Cage trapping raccoonsOne of the major problems in California is raccoons, Raccoons is one of the most over populated animal in the state. With its lack of natural predators and the lack of any hunting seasons in or near the cities, the raccoon population pretty much exploded.

Since 1998 the raccoon population had been on the rise in every major city in California. to find more general information on general raccoon removal you can visit our raccoon removal page

How to control raccoons in California

There are several ways you can attempt to control the population of raccoons near cities, there have been programs that have dropped food filled with chemicals to stop the ovulation process in raccoons, There are trapping programs and there is always the traditional hunting methods. However hunting methods are not acceptable near the more populated cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Raccoons are a very hard animal to control, they have anywhere from 2 to 6 babies at a time, which are usually born between Feb. and May each year. With the lack of natural habitat raccoons will look for other suitable places to have their babies such as fireplaces, attics, crawlspaces and any other place that is suitable for occupation.

Why are Raccoons in My attic?

Raccoons will get into attics for several reasons, One of the major reasons a raccoon will get into your attic area is to have babies. Raccoons will often seek safe, dark places to have their babies. There is no safer or darker space in your home than in your attic, and with the lack of natural places for raccoons to live, then the next best place to have babies is in your California homes attic area.

How do I get rid of Raccoons from my Attic or Crawlspace

The hardest part of the process is actually finding the raccoon that has made your attic their home. Often times an raccoon will try to get into the most inaccessible places to have their babies or to make their nest. Most of the time it will take a trained Raccoon trapper to remove the animal from the attic or crawlspace of a home. A trained professional has all the correct tools and methods to remove raccoons safely and quickly.

Some of the methods that a raccoon trapper may use is trapping the raccoon, this requires the trapper to place several trapping Cages in a spot determined by the trapper to catch the raccoon as he or she leaves the attic or crawlspace every night. There is also the Snare Pole, which is a 6 foot dog catcher sized pole that is placed around the raccoons midsection and tightened up, the raccoon is then removed from the area and places into a trap. There are many ways in which the raccoon removal process can be done. These are just a few.

Where do you service in California

Some of the places we service in CA are closer to the major cities and towns, we will have operators in most major populated cities in California. Most all operators have been check for appropriate licenses and insurance requirements. However you should ask to see documentation for yourself.

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