RattleSnake in my Garage

Posted on August 18, 2010 by animal

I have a Rattle Snake in my Garage!


One of the more common calls this time of year is the rattle Snakes in the Garages. rattle snakes love to get into peoples Garages to help them escape the summers dreadful heat. in places like Phoenix, AZ where the temp can reach in the 100’s every days for several weeks this is a common occurrence.

Snakes have no sweat glands, so they have to heat and cool their bodies by using a outside heat source. This includes but is not limited to, The Sun, A refrigerator motor, a hot water tank, a car motor and any other radiant heat source. The same is also true for cooling down.

A snake must seek cool places as it will over heat. The only way for a snake to cool its self is to find areas away from the sun. the most likely place and most easy to access is usually a garage. If you have snakes in your Garage please go here to find a qualified animal removal specialist. to assist you.

Never Try to remove a rattlesnake from your garage without the proper equipment!

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