I have a Snake in my house

Posted on August 10, 2010 by animal

“I have a Snake in my house”


Snakes in the HouseThis is what the caller on the other end of the phone was screaming, “The snake is in my garage and Im afraid for me and my family”. Turns out this snake in the garage call was only a black snake (eastern rat snake), but this is the type of call we get EVERYDAY in the summer and early fall. We get calls for Black snakes, copperheads, rattle snakes, garter snakes, garden snakes and anything that even appears to be a snake.

One particular call that bears mentioning was the time a client called with a frantic voice telling me she had the biggest rat snake she had ever seen in her basement wrapped around her husbands mountain bike.  We quoted her to remove the snake from her basement.  We showed up at the house 15 minutes later only to find a bicycle inner tube her husband had laid on his bike the night before. I felt so bad for the lady we waived our fee and went on about our business. Lesson learned? If you think you have a snake in your house, keep an eye on it and verify what you are seeing.  Every now and then your eyes play tricks on you!!

If it turns out you do have snakes in your house, odds are you have another type of pest problem which the snake is eating.  If you are looking for a wildlife control professional to handle a snake problem, click here. Snakes in the house can be a very hard problem to solve.  Be sure to choose a good company, not the cheapest- remember, you get what you pay for!!