Category: Snake Control and Removal

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Removal & Control

Posted on 02/23/11 by animal

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Information  The Western diamondback rattlesnake isn’t too picky about where it lives: it can be found in deserts, grassy plains, forests, rocky hillsides and areas along the coast, at elevations up to 6500 feet (2000m) from central Arkansas to southeastern California, and the northern half of Mexico. It’s a heavy bodied snake […]

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Snake Removal Denver, CO

Posted on 01/04/11 by animal

Snake Removal Denver Colorado 303-452-2113 Denver, Colo. — A Westminster man had a big surprise waiting for him when he helped a friend clear a home crawl space of snakes in the area od Denver Colorado last week, Jeff Stafford said he removed 41 snakes from his friend’s crawl space on Sunday by stunning them […]

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Pigmy Rattle Snakes

Posted on 10/26/10 by animal

Pigmy rattlesnakes in the yard is a very common problem homeowners throughout the South face each and every. Pigmy rattlesnakes most often appear in early spring and in late fall. These miniature rattlesnakes can be very aggressive and have the ability to inject a large amount of venom with only one bite. The reason these pigmy rattlesnakes are […]

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Jacksonville Snake Removal and Control

Posted on 09/14/10 by animal

  Trutech Inc. 904-469-7950 TruTech inc of Florida is located inJacksonville, FL and services all of Northern FL including Jacksonville Beaches, Neptune Beach, Amelia Island and all of Duval county. We are experts in Snake Control and Snake Removal and our list of services also include Wildlife Management, Animal Control, Animal Removal and Cleaning and […]

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Ring Neck Snakes

Posted on 08/21/10 by animal

Ring Neck Snakes Ring Neck Snake Ring neck snakes are a common occurrence in the spring and late summer months in the eastern part of the U.S, Mostly found in the North East in places like Virginia, Maryland , Washington DC and all points North. This little Garden variety of snake is a very good […]

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RattleSnake in my Garage

Posted on 08/18/10 by animal

I have a Rattle Snake in my Garage!   One of the more common calls this time of year is the rattle Snakes in the Garages. rattle snakes love to get into peoples Garages to help them escape the summers dreadful heat. in places like Phoenix, AZ where the temp can reach in the 100’s […]

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Snake in my Crawlspace

Posted on 08/16/10 by animal

Snakes in the Crawlspace

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I have a Snake in my house

Posted on 08/10/10 by animal

“I have a Snake in my house”   This is what the caller on the other end of the phone was screaming, “The snake is in my garage and Im afraid for me and my family”. Turns out this snake in the garage call was only a black snake (eastern rat snake), but this is […]

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