Category: Bat Control and Removal

Denver Bat Removal & Control Colorado

Posted on 04/07/11 by animal

303-452-2113 Bats are another popular species of wildlife that we are called upon to control in Denver CO. Bats have been found living in attic eaves, soffits, chimney’s, shutters and behind siding in homes and businesses throughout Arvada, Aurora, Brighton, Broomfield and Boulder Colorado. They will also take up residence in barns and other outbuildings. […]

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Waldorf Bat Removal Bat Control Waldorf,MD

Posted on 08/24/10 by animal

Waldorf Bat Removal   Waldorf Maryland is situated in a very good place for Bats, Bat Removal and Bat Control are common needs in Waldorf. The city is located with 3 air miles of the Potomac River, its with in 25 air miles of Washington DC, where the building boom ran them out years ago. […]

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Houston bat in attic

Posted on 08/22/10 by animal

Bats Under Bridges!! In Houston Texas, The most amazing thing to see is the bats that Fly from under the Waugh Drive bridge. There is a estimated 250,000 bats that fly every night from the expansion joints in this bridge, The species of these bats is the Mexican Free Tailed bat. This is a grand […]

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