Category: Armadillo Control

Armadillo Digging in my yard!

Posted on 11/02/10 by animal

The other day I was taken a leisure stroll through my yard, I kept noticing large holes was being dug in my well manicured lawn. I had no idea what could possibly be digging holes in my yard. The holes in my yard was huge, some of the holes were big enough to fit a […]

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Armadillo Removal and Control Savannah GA

Posted on 10/26/10 by animal

912-303-0470   Armadillo removal and control in Savannah, Georgia can be a very daunting process. Armadillo’s  are very destructive and can do a large amount of damage to a well manicured lawn in a very short period of time. The type of armadillo that is found in Savannah Georgia is the nine banded armadillo. The nine […]

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Jacksonville Armadillo Removal and Control

Posted on 09/10/10 by animal

Jacksonville Armadillo Control! (904) 758-1100 Armadillos are one of the more destructive creatures that like in the Jacksonville, FL area. With Jacksonville’s warm tropical year round climate the armadillo enjoys wonderful weather to live, breed and enjoy its day to day activities. Which include Burrowing, digging holes in your yard looking for Grubs to eat and generally […]

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