Bat Control and Removal

Bat Removal and Bat Control is handled by Animal Control Solutions’ Wildlife Technicians. Bats and Bat Guano should be handled by a certified Wildlife Technician especially if you have found Bat Guano throughout your house. Bat guano is highly toxic as it can carry spores for Histoplasmosis, which is a fungus that can cause respiratory problems. The cleanup process of Bat guano is very difficult and needs to be handled the correct way or it can lead to disastrous problems.

Bats emit high frequency sounds that allow them to fly around in tight spaces, such as an attic or crawlspace. This allows them to gain access to spaces in your home that are hard to gain access to. We have several ways of getting rid of Bats including Bat exclusions and other forms of trapping.

We have these photos that were all taken by a professional bat removal company, if you are looking for more information on bats and the damage they can do, look at our Bat Removal page located here.